Director: Sam Walters       Orange Tree, Richmond

Reviews for Sauce for the Goose

"Blissfully funny...Portrayed with captivating wit and spirit by Beth Cordingly, Lucienne is a beautiful, happily married bourgeois woman who is plagued by the attention of two admirers...A treat."
Paul Taylor, The Independent
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"Lucienne truly loves Vatelin; in Cordingly's heartfelt performance, the pain of his betrayal is real and acute. It is this complexity of flavour that makes it more than just a big belly of laughs; it's a richly satisfying dish."
* * * * Sam Marlowe, The Times

"Is there anything funnier in the history of farce than the central act of this 1896 Georges Feydeau play?...What is unusual about Sam Walters's production is that it treats the characters as real people rather than whirling automata...There is a rueful tenderness between Beth Cordingly's beguiling Lucienne and the fraught Stuart Fox as her lawyer-husband...The attention to character pays off handsomely.
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"Beth Cordingly, as the handsome dame in dispute, remains beyond reproach throughout — even when awkwardly negotiating carnal revenge...delicious performances…as fizzy as vintage champagne."
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"Beth Cordingly keeps a fine poker face as the wife attempting to establish hubby’s fidelity or otherwise. This is a farce, and a production, that squares the circle: the action moves like a well-oiled machine while the characters remain thoroughly and hearteningly human."
* * * * Ian Shuttleworth, Financial Times read the full review at

"The reason this production is so captivating is not so much the jokes as the value the director and cast place on bringing out the characters' humanity. Lucienne's plan for revenge comes across as fair and strong-minded, rather than pious and self-righteous, with Beth Cordingly giving spirit, wit and poise to the part...A triumph."
* * * * The Arts desk

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Director: Jeremy Herrin       Almeida Theatre, London

Reviews for Children's Children

"Beth Cordingly conveys hurt by barely moving a muscle."
Kate Kellaway, The Observer

"Excitingly alive...I'd happily have hung around for acts four, five and six of this fascinating show...unimpeachably good."
Dominic Maxwell, The Times

"Matthew Dunster's dark new domestic some respects, an old-fashioned play along
Shavian lines...the eruptions of fury are savage."
Kate Bassett, The Independent

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Director: Jane Prowse       Aldywch Theatre, West End


Reviews for A Round Heeled Woman

"Heartbreaking honesty...  Frank, feisty and funny...  laughter and tears are plentiful. ****"  
Mail on Sunday

"A Round-Heeled Woman proves an unexpectedly uplifting tonic ****" 
The Daily Telegraph

"A must-see show with a feel-good factor which blows winds of hope into your sails. ****"  
What's On Stage

"This small but perfectly formed comedy is a delight from beginning to end ****" 
The Daily Express

"Wicked, sassy humour" 
Time Out

With Sharon Gless, Beth Cordingly, Barry McCarthy, Neil McCaul, Gwyneth Strong and Michael Thompson. 

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Director: Sam Walters       Orange Tree, Richmond

Beth had a leading role in The Orange Tree Theatre's critically acclaimed show "Once Bitten".

Reviews for Once Bitten (click for full review)

"The Orange Tree’s delightful production of this madcap comedy by Alfred Hennequin and Alfred Delacour... proves a real treat...Beth Cordingly supplies a welcome charge of eroticism as the greedy mistress.", ****
The Telegraph

"Beautifully executed... a dotty delight", ****
The Independent

"Achieves the right dreamlike delirium",
The Guardian

"This is a rare source of January smiles",
The Evening Standard

"A joyous performance", ****

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Director: Joanna Combes           Manchester Royal Exchange

WINNER of the BRUNTWOOD PLAYWRITING COMPETITION Fiona peek's  new play tells of two couples whose friendship becomes stretched to the limits over five dinner parties within nine months. Starring Simon Chadwick, Beth Cordingly, Esther Hall and Kevin Harvey.

"The cast are simply perfect. I believed in them utterly."
Alan Hulme, City Life


Director: Richard Baron          Nottingham Playhouse/National Tour

Four actors dexterously switch in and out of role to play a host of characters in Greene's classic comedy spy story. Starring Philip Franks, Simon Shepherd, Norman Pace and Beth Cordingly.

"Beth Cordingly gives delicious performances as everything from Wormold’s Catholic daughter to his prim secretary, Beatrice."
Pat Ashworth, The Stage


Director: Robin Herford          National Tour

Ayckbourn's classic tale of four married couples whose night is disrupted by the warring chaos of Trevor and Susannah.

"Ben Porter and Beth Cordingly offer devastating portraits of self-indulgent despair as the Gawd-'elp-us miserablists. As so often in Ayckbourn, their pain is our pleasure."
Charles Spencer, The Telegraph



Director: Tim Sheader         National Tour

The smash-hit phenomenon fresh from its sell-out tour and London West End run. Based on interviews conducted with women from around the world, this poignant, hilariously witty and moving collection of tales gives voice to a chorus of lusty, outrageous, brave and thoroughly human stories.

Beth Cordingly stars with Nikki Sanderson and Pauline Fleming.



Director: Jonathan Guy Lewis           Menier Chocolate Factory

A comedy from the co-writer of AN EVENING WITH GARY LINEKER, Chris England.  Members of a local rugby club get together to watch the live World Cup Final between England and Australia (set in 1993). Emotions in personal relationships reach a head within the club as tensions in the match rise onscreen.

"The cast of Jonathan Lewis's engaging production adeptly bring out the gusto and good nature of the piece...from Tony Bell's exuberantly self-centred Nigel to Beth Cordingly's sharp and attractive Nina (the women's team captain)."
Paul Taylor, The Independent on Sunday

MONKEY'S UNCLE          

Director: Sam Walters       Orange Tree, Richmond

David Lewis' play sets up Feydeau's own era before spinnng forward to the modern day, highlighting how Feydeau's own life is so farcial it could be a farce itself.

"delightful farce about farce."
Sarah Hemming, Financial Times

SEMI MONDE          

Director: Philip Prowse       Lyric Theatre, West End

"... an ingenious kaleidoscope of subtle insights into the human predicaments of lust and longing, power, wealth and poverty.
I was moved, for this play, Semi-Monde, is an elegy for the lost souls of a brief age long ago."
Brian Sewell, London Standard

"A married couple - played beautifully by Sophie Ward and Simon Dutton - form affairs,
respectively, with an older novelist (dry, disillusion, John Carlisle) and his blonde daughter
(Beth Cordingly). In a parade of stunning black silks and taffetas, perfect hairstyles and
hemlines, jet black jewellery, cloche hats and furs, the parade passes by."
Anon, Mail